Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cake Pops

Cake Pops!

The other day I attempted to make cake pops. They turned out better than I had anticipated, but were quite a production to make! They are absolutely delicious, but I should warn you they are highly addictive. The combinations of cake batter, sprinkles and frosting are endless and perfect for any occasion! 

how to make: 
º bake a simple cake (from the box- I used Pillsbury Spring Funfetti) 
º once the cake completely cools crumble the cake into a large bowl & mix in 1 can of frosting 
º roll cake & frosting mixture into small balls (this is the tricky part so stay patient!)
º place cake balls onto baking sheet with clear plastic wrap over them and refrigerate for several hours or even overnight
º using lollipop sticks (found at a craft store in the baking section) insert into cake balls and dip into melted chocolate ( you don't necessarily need to dip pops into chocolate- the sprinkles seemed to stick to the cake itself just fine.) 
º immediately sprinkle on topping before chocolate cools (I used colorful sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips) 
º stick the cake pops into a styrofoam block (also found at craft store) so the pops don't lose their shape. 
º once the chocolate cools I suggest packaging the pops into individual clear cello bags and tying ribbon to close the bags (as an alternative you could use decorative stickers) 

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