Thursday, May 31, 2012

Piece of advice.

I love reading The Everygirl for their unique feature articles on entrepreneurial women, financial advice (that I actually understand) and their recommended blogs to watch. 
The Everygirl really hones in on matters that are important to young women starting out in their careers and entering the 'real world'. Their content is fun, inspiring and always helpful. 
Today their interview with Michelle Kohanzo, Managing Director of The Land of Nod really resonated with me. I won't bore you with a summary of the article..I'll let you check it out yourself here. BUT there is one piece of advice that Michelle gave that I wanted to share...
 "I've learned that it's not all about your salary and your title. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you love the people you work with and your passionate about what you do. Nothing else matters." 
I just love this piece of advice, I really believe this applies to a lot of aspects of life. 


[via: google
I love to give gifts..I genuinely do (and I'm not just saying it because that's what we're told to say). Picking out a gift for a good friend or family member can be a lot of fun. The best gifts are ones that have some thought and heart behind them. I absolutely despise gift cards, it makes the receiver feel as though the thought was last minute and rushed. Opening up a gift is part of the excitement of actually getting the present. So, to add to my rant...the wrapping job is part of the deal too. 
Gift giving should be thoughtful and fun, but it doesn't have to consume all your time and energy. I read an article on PureWow about a new app called Karma- perfect for giving a gift in a unique way. 
Karma lets you send gifts via text message, email or Facebook. Talk about convenience
º Create an account, browse items through brand names, & receive recommendations from Karma on your friends interests & upcoming events found on Facebook
º Select your gift of choice
º The recipient receives a text from Karma asking for their shipping address 
º The gift is packaged pretty & then shipped that same day 
º The recipient has the option of swapping their gift for another item or donating the money to one of Karma's charities. 
I wouldn't give every gift using this app, but I'm definitely going to try it out. It's fun for the person receiving the gift and makes your life simpler. Win win. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


[via: Furbish Studio

After checking out Glitter Guide and learning about their Glitter Girl from today- Claudia Stephenson I immediately fell in love with the Aussie's playful fashion-forward style. Her love for interior design is something I can really relate to, so of course I had to pay her blog a visit- Peep My Style. To be honest I'm surprised I haven't visited her blog before, it's right up my alley! Claudia recently posted about Furbish Studio and I have not stopped drooling over their work. The studio's use of textiles, vibrant color contrasting and pattern mixing is making me swoon. Make sure to check out Peep My Style and Furbish Studio, both will not disappoint I promise! 

Green with envy

the Greek key pillow & curtains sold me.  [via: google

pink and green contrast with the stark white. [via: Luxe + Lillies

hydrangeas & turquoise- my favorite [via: All Things Girly & Beautiful

the lamp shades & moss ball [via:Zsa Zsa Bellagio 
the wall and floor tiles! [via:sproost

Pantone shades. [via:google]

I've always loved the color green, but lately I've really been gravitating towards it. The color  is known to offer a sense of renewal, harmony and self-control- decorating with green offers a unique warming and cooling effect. These are some interiors I've been recently admiring, my favorite has to be the living room with the Greek key pillow and chevron curtains. Check out my Pinterest board Green with Envy for more inspiration. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Scenes

This is too funny, but I prefer my childhood favorite- Goodnight Moon.

Pretty packaging from Stella & Dot. These 'Carobella hoops' are sure to be a summer staple of mine. 

Couldn't resist getting this for the boyfriend. Elephants are too cute to pass up. 

Yummy ingredients in the 'cowboy cookies' I made. 

Summer is here! 

I want to frame this greeting card. Pretty much my motto. 

Can't stop buying Revlon's 'Just Bitten Kissable' balm stains. On my way to coveting them all! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

[via: Not My Beautiful Home

[via: Google

[via: Camille Styles

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Memorial Day full of sun, cocktails and good company! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Theoretical Packing List

monogrammed sunnies. just perfect. [via:Pineapple Grove Gifts

a stain that feels like chap stick. [via: Sealed With Kisses

 white-tee w/ruffles. [via: J.Crew

  could easily be dressed up or down. [via: J.Crew

perfect color & style. [via: Anthro

would make for a great beach bag + the chevron is making me drool [via: Beklina

i can attest that these are the comfiest shorts! [via: All Things Girly & Beautiful

So I don't have any big memorial weekend plans, but IF I was planning on a weekend up north at the lake these are some ssentials I would bring along. You can't go wrong with keeping things simple. From your makeup routine to your wardrobe the more versatile and comfy the better! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the wish list.

After visiting A Piece of Toast this morning and reading about Catherine Fitzsimmons, owner of Rikshaw Design I have to say I'm an even bigger fan of her line and personal style. What really draws me to her as a designer is you can see her passion for travel and culture through her designs. 
It was fun to learn about her beachy, boho-chic style in the interview and see what "she wishes she was wearing" AND as always I found something to put on my seemingly never-ending wish list- simple rings from designer Satomi Kawakita. I learned about the designer's unique story on how she came to design jewelry and to be honest I just love that she's from Japan :) This is one ring that I will be keeling my eye on. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Off to the beach!

chic with a laid back vibe. [via: Bryn Alexandra

how fun are these colored bookshelves?! [via: Country Living

koi fish are my favorite! [via: Cottages & Gardens

outdoor living area...yes please! [via:brittany stiles

awesome coral lamp. [via: Cozamia

Loving these beach-chic inspired rooms! They're all livable, fun and sophisticated and would surely make your neighbors envious :) 



So I'm late on the bandwagon, but I thought I would share this cool site- PureWow
To sum it up PureWow is a free daily email and website for women. Articles feature all the favorite topics like fashion, travel, tech, and even include healthy recipes. If your thinking an email daily seems a little excessive then your in for a treat because it's proved so helpful. From which moisturizer is the best, to what book you should read next or hotel you should book, you'll find yourself stopping by the site for more than just your daily dose. 


Monday, May 21, 2012

Italy Nostalgia

the Pantheon. so beautiful.  

coming from a salad queen this is by far one of my favorites. Insalata Rica! 

fresh flowers daily in Camp de' Fiori. 

cute little guy. 

study abroad buddies. 


Milan Cathedral {duomo}

one of my favorites. 

how cool. take me back. 

cool angle of the Colosseum. 

Recently I've been seeing a lot of study abroad pictures on Facebook from some of my younger's making me very nostalgic (and jealous I'll admit), but mostly grateful that I had the opportunity to study and travel around Italy last summer. My boyfriend and parents even made the trek out there which made it more memorable and special. The architecture, history, atmosphere, and cuisine (the list could go on..) in Italy is something I'll forever appreciate. Being half Italian it was reassuring to know that native Italians are nothing like the Jersey Shore or Mob Wives cast..phew! 
Now if only I could have fit in someone's suitcase this summer... 


[via: etsey

[via:One Kings Lane

[via: looks good to me

[via: Lillies & Sparrows
How cute are these illustrations? I would love to have one wall with a collection of small framed illustrations hanging.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glimpse inside my makeup bag!

Beauty must-haves.
brushes: Chanel.
blush & bronzer: Nars
foundation: Maybelline DreamSmooth Mousse.
mascara: Benefit-They're Real! 

Skin Essentials.
moisturizer: Olay & Neutrogena Healthy Defense-light tint
deodorant: classic Dove
under-eye: Aveeno eye illuminator & L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer

face: Pond's Cold cream & Clarisonic Mia brush
hair: Aquage sea salt spray
makeup bag: Kate Spade