Monday, May 27, 2013

work it out

work it out

From personal experience I think it's so much easier to get your butt to the gym when you're excited about what you're wearing. I know it sounds crazy! go to the gym to sweat and work out all those impurities, but you can still appreciate a good outfit even at the gym! My workout must haves are: good music, a magazine and always something to keep me hydrated. I like wearing layers to the gym and while I think it's silly to wear jewelry I like to keep in my studs. Lately I've been going to Zumba a few times a week- it's fun to mix up your routine to not only keep you from getting bored, but it gives you the opportunity to work different muscles that you might not ordinarily exercise. 

personalized zzz's

lilac. [via
large letters. [via
greek key embroidery. [via]
classic navy & white. [via

Although I've always been a fan of monograms I can't help but notice how much they are trending right now. What better way to catch some zzz's than with some quality bedding stamped with your initials! The only dilemma would be choosing which monogram style and embroidery color suits you best! 

Memorial Day Style

Memorial Day Style

Happy Memorial Day all! Big heartfelt thanks to all those who have served our country and are currently serving. Without the brave people in the military we would not be able to enjoy our everyday freedoms! Special thanks to my dad who served in Bosnia and my Papa who served in Korea! 
Hoping you had a fun filled weekend. Enjoy the rest of the day! xxoo 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Daydreaming on this thursday night of waking up poolside- equipped with large sunnies, a fun turban, a strong drink in hand and not a care in the world....iffffff only! At least tomorrow is friday! Hope you have some fab weekend plans! xo

playing favorites.





  Hope everyone survived monday! Today I'm sharing some of my beauty/skin favorites. These products are serious all-stars and never sit my beauty bag bench. As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie (hey, there are worse problems to have!) I feel my recommendations are pretty credited. I begin and end each day using my Clarisonic Mia. I'm a serious advocate of this oscillation brush. While the price tag is a little steep, it's well worth every pretty penny! Whether you have acne prone skin or are just looking to keep a healthy complexion- the Clarisonic brushes are perfect necessary for everyone! 
    Next up are the StriVectin products...while these are newcomers to the game for me I am absolutely in love with them and can seriously already see improvements in my skin (I never believe people when they say this, but it's SO true in this case). I think it's never too early to start incorporating preventive products such as these into your daily routine. 
I'm sure you've heard people go on and on about BB creams so I'll spare you the whole pitch, but if you're in the market for one go out and get Boscia's. It adjusts to your personal skin tone and allows you to skip concealer and cover up so it's very unique in that aspect. Moving on...I love, love, love Benefit's they're Real mascara. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take one makeup product this would be it. 
Hope your now feeling inspired to do some beauty shopping, I know I am!  Have a good one! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

wish list.

a colorful romper for summer frolicking!
dying for one of these bikes! (needs a straw basket though)
perfect color combo.

waffle robe!

How is it monday already!? I feel like i ask myself this every time this dreaded day rolls around. Thought I would ease back into the week with a few things that are on my lengthy wish list. Hope your  monday goes easy on you! Have a good one!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

this one's for mom

  Mom's are the best aren't they? I know I don't tell mine as often as I should how much I appreciate her, but she's a really good one. I got lucky!
  Mom's are the ones that planned all those special birthday parties (I'll never forget my 50's themed birthday party...poodle skirts, bowling alley, old fashion candy...the works!); she was with you every time you got sick (hello hive outbreaks), she's the one you called when you just needed to vent (she just gets it!); and she's been there for every triumph and tribulation so today let's celebrate these special ladies.
   Pour some mimosas, enjoy a cappuccino & don't forget a card and some fresh blooms for your mama! Have a relaxing sunday everyone!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recent Snaps

personal touch to the Longchamp. used on the daily. 

i've been on a champagne kick lately & i don't hate it! 

ahhhh-mazing salad made my me & my cousin 

tis the season! coconut & dark chocolate froyo

borderline obsessed with Drew Barrymore's FLOWER beauty line. 

fun Birchbox treat! #mintyfresh
   Cue the same old saga about not having time for blog posts.... While it may be sad, but true, my life as of late has been preeeetty busy, but honestly quite mundane. It's the same deal on the reg. Work, gym, maybe squeeze in a dinner with friends, hang out with the boyfriend (not complaining there) then it's rinse, lather & repeat. Now that spring is finally starting to gear up I have a feeling my social life will start to pick up (post-grad problems). I really feel know that I'm in dire need for a creative outlet...hello blogging again! So here we go folks, I'm really going to try to be more consistent with my posts!
   Now that I got that out of my system- here's a post on some of my recent snaps. I use my Longchamp on the daily whether its work, play or running errands- this bag is so versatile, durable & classic. Since everyone and their mother has this bag I had to add my own spin on it with my monogram & the K.slademade tassel. Lately I've been on a champagne kick...after drinking red all winter I'm ready to mix it up! Who doesn't love some bubbly?!
  The other weekend me and my cousin made a fabulous Lebanese salad, I just can't get enough of Mediterranean food! Froyo season is back people and I can't wait to indulge all summer long! This dark chocolate and coconut combo will definitely be my go-to. I've been meaning to try Drew Barrymore's beauty line- FLOWER for quite some time now and am so happy I finally made the trip to Walmart. I've already bought a few lippy's, some creme blush & eyeshadow from her line and have been so happy with it all. Seriously recommended! Today my Birchbox came earlier than expected...super excited to try all my new goodies esp. this retro looking toothpaste.
  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Ta-ta for now!