Thursday, June 14, 2012


hydrangeas + big porch    [Dominique Vorillon]
bright colors + organization    [Annie Schlechter]
pavilion eating + numbered pillows    [Jean-Phillipe Piter]
retro utilities + turquoise    [Richard Leo Johnson]
vibrant rug + linens    [Lisa Romerein]

These rooms from Coastal Living just reiterate the fact that I need to live seaside. I lived in Florida when I was younger so I'm no stranger to the beach. I won't be too picky whether it's Nantucket, the beautiful FL coasts or Cali.....  ;)
There's no arguing that a seaside town has a certain ambiance to it, and to me it's definitely worth picking up and moving for. 

                                            [all images via: Coastal Living

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