Monday, May 12, 2014


Staying positive is not always an easy feat- I like to think of being positive as a courageous choice. Through the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives this can become a hard decision to make. One of my favorite pieces of advice I've been give is- "You control your own happiness. Don't let others tell you how to feel." This can truly change your outlook on a situation- believe me! As someone who is admittedly at times over-sensitive I can tell you that this mantra continues to help me. 

Recently, I've been working on keeping perspective in my life. At the expense of coming off corny, I'm at a stage where I'm feeling the pressure to have my life "in-check". I'm feeling some setbacks from a professional stand-point and I'm feeling I'm not making certain mile markers I should have by now, which is something I'm very hard on myself for. I'm reminded, however, to not compare my beginning to someone else's middle.

In my recent endeavors to be more positive I've stumbled on these wonderful MantraBands
They are the perfect subtle reminders to stop. breath. be grateful. - check them out here. I'm sporting breathe and choose joy- they've become my go-to bracelets everyday as they mix well with my others- they're light and thin and have a great message! 
On the radio this A.M. someone said that people sense and remember the energy you give off way more than your words- something to keep in mind as we go about our daily routines! 

Do you have a mantra that helps you keep perspective and stay positive? 


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