Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recent Snaps

personal touch to the Longchamp. used on the daily. 

i've been on a champagne kick lately & i don't hate it! 

ahhhh-mazing salad made my me & my cousin 

tis the season! coconut & dark chocolate froyo

borderline obsessed with Drew Barrymore's FLOWER beauty line. 

fun Birchbox treat! #mintyfresh
   Cue the same old saga about not having time for blog posts.... While it may be sad, but true, my life as of late has been preeeetty busy, but honestly quite mundane. It's the same deal on the reg. Work, gym, maybe squeeze in a dinner with friends, hang out with the boyfriend (not complaining there) then it's rinse, lather & repeat. Now that spring is finally starting to gear up I have a feeling my social life will start to pick up (post-grad problems). I really feel know that I'm in dire need for a creative outlet...hello blogging again! So here we go folks, I'm really going to try to be more consistent with my posts!
   Now that I got that out of my system- here's a post on some of my recent snaps. I use my Longchamp on the daily whether its work, play or running errands- this bag is so versatile, durable & classic. Since everyone and their mother has this bag I had to add my own spin on it with my monogram & the K.slademade tassel. Lately I've been on a champagne kick...after drinking red all winter I'm ready to mix it up! Who doesn't love some bubbly?!
  The other weekend me and my cousin made a fabulous Lebanese salad, I just can't get enough of Mediterranean food! Froyo season is back people and I can't wait to indulge all summer long! This dark chocolate and coconut combo will definitely be my go-to. I've been meaning to try Drew Barrymore's beauty line- FLOWER for quite some time now and am so happy I finally made the trip to Walmart. I've already bought a few lippy's, some creme blush & eyeshadow from her line and have been so happy with it all. Seriously recommended! Today my Birchbox came earlier than expected...super excited to try all my new goodies esp. this retro looking toothpaste.
  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Ta-ta for now!

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