Thursday, October 3, 2013

one way ticket.

It's Thursday...we're almost there folks! I've been a Pinterest addict lately. Do you ever get into those moods where you just can't. stop. pinning?...(sounds ridiculous). Pinterest is obviously so visually appealing, but it's kind of more than that- it's creatively stimulating. Pinterest is my own little way to unwind, get some creative insight and do a little day dreaming. 
While I was pinning daydreaming this evening I came across this beyond GORGEOUS, utterly breathtaking, seriously to die for (get the picture?) hotel in Capri, Italy. 
I visited Capri when I studied abroad a few years ago and was blessed enough to go again this past summer and it truly is as beautiful as pictures lend it to be! 
Tell me you wouldn't love to stay in J.K. Penthouse?! Not to mention the decor is dead on to how I want to style my future home- blue and white with some fabulous flair.
Booking now ;) 


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