Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time Away.

Here is my first post since being away from the blogging world for a couple months! Summer traveling and starting a new job had me tied up. While it was nice to take a little break, I've missed posting! Hopefully since fall is well underway things will start to get less chaotic and I'll find time to carve out for blogging. 

Fall happens to be my favorite season so this first post back is appropriately fall themed. I love the idea of a 'fresh start' maybe that's why starting a new school year was always so appealing..all the possibilities that can happen in a year! Not to mention...pumpkin spice lattes, honey crisps, riding boots, glittering pumpkins, new school supplies...Halloween and my birthday! Ahhhhh love it all! It's a weird feeling not being back at school this fall for the first time, but it's been a different kind of fun having more time to visit different apple orchids, bake fall goodies and help my mom decorate for the season. 

Here's a few of my favorite fall things!

Spooky decorations! [via: Cupcakes and Cashmere

My birthday "cake" - Pink Elephant Cupcakes

No trip to the orchid is complete without one of these. [via: A Cup of Jo 

Fall classic. [via: Pascalle De Groof

Every year I make glitter pumpkins & give them to family & friends! [via: HipHipGinGin

This and Halloweentown are ABC Family favorites! [via]

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