Thursday, May 31, 2012


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I love to give gifts..I genuinely do (and I'm not just saying it because that's what we're told to say). Picking out a gift for a good friend or family member can be a lot of fun. The best gifts are ones that have some thought and heart behind them. I absolutely despise gift cards, it makes the receiver feel as though the thought was last minute and rushed. Opening up a gift is part of the excitement of actually getting the present. So, to add to my rant...the wrapping job is part of the deal too. 
Gift giving should be thoughtful and fun, but it doesn't have to consume all your time and energy. I read an article on PureWow about a new app called Karma- perfect for giving a gift in a unique way. 
Karma lets you send gifts via text message, email or Facebook. Talk about convenience
º Create an account, browse items through brand names, & receive recommendations from Karma on your friends interests & upcoming events found on Facebook
º Select your gift of choice
º The recipient receives a text from Karma asking for their shipping address 
º The gift is packaged pretty & then shipped that same day 
º The recipient has the option of swapping their gift for another item or donating the money to one of Karma's charities. 
I wouldn't give every gift using this app, but I'm definitely going to try it out. It's fun for the person receiving the gift and makes your life simpler. Win win. 

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